Seacourt Hall - Chapel Way, Botley, Oxford, OX2 9LS

The redevelopment of West Way shopping centre will provide a new Community Centre where the new Seacourt Hall will be located. During the construction period Seacourt Hall will move to a temporary location in the immediate vicinity.

Details of the new hall will be posted here when we have updated plans. In the meantime you can see the location of the community building in the new development  plans in this picture

Hiring the Hall





Gentle Exercise Class
Subud Group




Age Concern Exercise Class




Salt Box Music Studio
Flair Dance Studio




Lunch Club  (fortnightly)
North Hinksey Parish Council  




Subud Group    

Subud Group



Contact the Booking Clerk for availability  




Contact the Booking Clerk for availability.  


Management   - The Community Hall is owned by the Vale of White Horse District Council and leased to the Parish Council, as a community facility and who act as the Trustee of the Seacourt Hall. The day to day management of the hall is undertaken by an independent management committee (the Seacourt Hall Management Committee), which is a registered charity with the Charity Commission (Registration Number 1000816). The Committee consists of a maximum of twelve members comprising:

  • Four representatives of the Parish Council,
  • One representative from each of the named user organisations (maximum of four members),
  • Two members of the public elected at the A.G.M.,
  • Up to two co-opted members, appointed by the Committee.

Chairman of the Seacourt Hall Management Committee:  Mrs. Lyn Blizzard Tel: 01865 242046
Hall Manager and Booking Clerk: Eric Batts Tel: 01865 821565
Officers: Secretary and Treasurer: Michael Cockman Tel: 01865 2415280

Letting Criteria
The hall is available for the use of the inhabitants of the Parish of North Hinksey without distinction of political, religious or other opinions, including use for meetings, lectures and classes and for other forms of recreational and leisure-time occupations.    

Hiring the Hall
The hall is available for hire. The main hall seats 80 and the committee rooms up to 25.  The kitchen is accessed from the main hall and has good facilities for cooking full meals or just providing tea or coffee.  Please contact the Hall Keeper for more information or to check availability.

Letting Rates: 
Commercial Organizations
Main Hall: £16.50.00 per hour.
Use of Kitchen: £15.00 for first booking, thereafter free.
Upper Rooms: £7.00 per hour
Non Profit Making Organizations
Main Hall: £13.50 per hour
Use of Kitchen: Free
Upper Room: £5.00 per hour
Pensioners Organizations
Main Hall: £10.50 per hour        
Use of Kitchen: Free
Upper Room: £5.00 per hour

For all enquires concerning availability of the Hall or to make a booking please contact:-
Eric Batts Tel: 01865-821565 or 07590-497798 or email


In the event of an Emergency Please Call:-
Eric Batts (Hall Manager/Booking Clerk) Tel: 01865 821565 or Mrs. Lyn Blizzard  01865 242046