R&A Reports/Surveys 

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Leisure Facilities

Previous reports: 

   Leisure Survey Report Spring 2015

Louie Memorial Copse, Playing Fields and Fen 

North Hinksey Conservation Volunteers report (Sept 2017)   

Management Plan - Copse, Playing Fields and Fen (Oct 2012)

  Copse Draft Management Plan - Jan 2011 (replaced Oct 2012) -  plan.doc 
  Botanical and Invertebrate Survey on Louie Memorial Fields (Dr. Judith Webb) - Nov 2009 click here                      Supplement to the Botanical and Invertebrate Survey (Dr.Judith Webb) - Jan 2011 survey-sup.pdf
  Fen Hydrology and Surface Water Flows of Louie Memorial Park (Dr. Curt Lamberth) - Oct 2009 click here
    (Please note that the Hydrology report is subject to Ordnance Survey copyright restrictions and as such is available        in read only format.)
  Hydrologists note for Parishioners (Dr Curt Lamberth) - Jan 2010 click here
  Louie Memorial Playing Fields Habitats and Management Supplementary Report - May 2009  (G. Hawker) click here        Louie Memorial Playing Fields Habitats and Management Report 1st report - Oct 2008 (G. Hawker) click here
  Oxfordshire Nature Conservation Forum – 10/09/2009 Letter supporting copse project. click here
  Thames Valley Police – 19/11/2009 Security advice regarding illegal vehicle entry to LM Fields click here
  Thames Valley Police – 17/06/2009  Letter recommending path and signage to discourage crime in Copse. click here    Thames Valley Police – 17/06/2009  Report "No crime in COPSED area" click here

Skatepark Petition, Skatepark Report, Campaign Responses

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           Original Petition 19/07/2012
           Skatepark Report (R&A Committee's report 10/01/2013)
           Responses to the Skatepark Report from the Skatepark Campaign.

Old Skatebowl 

           ROSPA – Safety Inspection Report - Skatebowl click here
           Gravity Engineering Report - Skatebowl Click here.