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Nortoft planning consultants (www.nortoft.co.uk) were appointed to carry out the first phase of master planning work on the Louie Memorial Fields and Pavilion. Since January Nortoft have explored feasibility (space, cost, environmental considerations, evidence of need) for a variety of new or improved facilities, including a replacement building for the Pavilion and Scout Hut. Following their presentation at the Annual Parish Meeting on 22nd March they ran a live consultation event on Saturday 28th April at Louie Memorial Pavilion and slides and videos were made available during and after. A feedback survey was open and publicised after the event and received over 260 responses.. 

This was the first phase of consultation to consider a variety of options and to identify which ideas should be taken forward as community priorities.Ideas for consideration:

  • Replacement building for Pavilion and Scout Hut
  • New adventure play / exercise area in lower field
  • Additional car parking space
  • Relocation of football pitch in upper field
  • Provision of skate park in upper field
  • Any other suggestions
Documents relating to the consultation:


Playing fields: results of 2017 public consultation 

In late 2017 a public consultation was held asking for views on a proposal by Matthew Arnold school to use the football pitch and hard-surface games area (MUGA) at the Louie Memorial Upper Field for PE lessons and afterschool football fixtures. 100 people took part, 93 from North Hinksey parish. The full results are available to download here. The proposal was discussed again at the September Council meeting focusing mainly on how much MAS would be charged for after school football pitch hire and details of the football pitch maintenance schedule). The proposal was passed at the 19th October meeting and the trial period began on 8th January. 

Louie Memorial Playing Fields, Hutchcomb's Copse and Fen
Copse and Fen
Copse and Fen - Views
"Lower" Field
"Upper" Field
Petition for a Skatepark
Old Skatebowl

Copse/Fen - Projects and Management
Playing Fields - Projects and Management

Louie Memorial Playing Fields and Hutchcomb's Copse and Fen 

   An area of land was given to North Hinksey Parish Council by the Kingerlee family in 1939. The area consists of three main areas, an upper playing field, a lower playing field, and Hutchcomb's Copse lying on a downward slope towards the West and North of the lower field.  The upper and lower fields are divided from each other by Arnold’s Way. 








         Hutchcomb's Copse


Hutchcomb's Copse consists of an area of woodland, a wet fenland area and a pond occupying land bounded by housing to the north, Hurst Rise Road to the West, Cedar Road and the Lower Louie Memorial Field to the East and Arnold’s Way to the South.


 The woodland lies on a northward facing slope surrounding a valley-head fen.  In the drier parts of the wood there is a variety of medium sized species, such as Norway Maple, Sycamore, Ash, Hawthorn and there is Willow in the wetter areas.   The fenland lies in a shallow valley sloping down towards the north and west of the area.  It is kept wet from numerous springs fed by the water draining from the high ground to the South.   At times of heavy rainfall water issues from a culvert under Arnold’s Way and comes down a stream in a northerly direction passing under a little footbridge.  (“Bridge”  in the map above).  It then runs into a diversion and a lot of the water can be seen seeping into the ground where it joins the subterranean water that keeps the fen wet.   Even in most dry conditions, the water draining down the hill is sufficient to maintain a pond at the north of the site.  

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      Views of main areas of the Copse, Pond and Fen


      From Hurst Rise Road looking east   

      From the centre towards Cedar Road


      Looking south from concrete path

       Looking north towards pond exit

the bridge


Looking down west to the bridge     


      Looking north east across upper fen



       Wooded areas in east of copse

      below houses along Cedar Road

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Louie Memorial “lower” field 


Louie Memorial “lower” field looking north.


                Looking north                  Looking east            Looking south-east

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Louie Memorial “upper” field 

Area to the South of Arnolds Way, containing the Louie Memorial Pavilion.  Since this image appeared on Google Maps, there have been added a MUGA (Multi-Games Area), Trim Trail and mound covering former Skate bowl, approximate locations shown below. 


             The MUGA
            View to north
         View to Lime Road
   View to east towards trim trail
           View to south
  View to old Skatebowl now a mound with diverse wild flowers

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 Old Skatebowl  

 The Skatebowl was condemned by the Council's insurers and was filled in (October 2010) to prevent further unauthorised use.  

Arson Damage to the skatebowl in the Louie memorial upper playing fields

Oxford mail article on the condition of the skatebowl - with specialist comments 6th February 2010
To read the article, please click here to view file 

Parish Council statement
The report from skatebowl specialists, Gravity Engineering is now with our insurance company Gravity Engineering. The Parish Council will abide by their decision as it requires public liability insurance cover for all of its play and recreational equipment. The Parish Council is conscious of its responsibilities in law and to residents to provide play equipment that is safe to use, meets legal requirements and is covered by public liabilty insurance.

Inspection of relevant documents
Parishioners are advised that the Parish Council has deposited the following documents in relation to the arson attack of the skatebowl in the Louie Memorial Upper Playing Fields. Copies of the reports have been put in the Reference Section of Botley Public Library.

ROSPA – Safety Inspection Report - Skatebowl click  here  to view

Gravity Engineering Report - Skatebowl  gravity1.jpg  gravity2.jpg

January 2010 update 

Skate Park Petition - 19/07/2012

In 2012 the Council received a petition for a new skatepark.
To view, click on the items below.

          Original Petition
          Recreation & Amenities Committee report

Responses to the R&A Committee report  on the Skatepark petition from:



Old Skatebowl
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Louie Memorial Pavilion
Art Work Project - NHPC working with Pupils from Matthew Arnold School

Lousi Memorial Pavilion Mural Project font page 


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